Won Hundred presents:


Our new denim bags are made of deadstock fabric and offer a new lease of life to otherwise discarded fabric. Won Hundred stands by the promise of continually striving to produce ethically & responsibly. Instead of starting over, we keep going.

Every year, tons and tons of fabric are being discarded, and never used. We, at Won Hundred, want to diminish the waste by making some of our styles using these “Dead stock” fabrics. Right now, we already have our Won Hundred – Division collab made on dead stock from exclusive Italian deadstock fabric and our Dead stock tote bags. We are also looking to expand this production to a whole collection in the future.


Our sustainability ambitions

At Won Hundred, we take a proactive stance in bettering our industry and reducing our environmental impact. We believe the key to ethical and responsible business practices is not only reducing our carbon footprint but also improving the conditions for the people and animals involved. It is important for us that our suppliers wish to partake in our journey - only this way can we achieve long-term success and trust.

We are aware that the fashion and textile industry holds many challenges in terms of ethics and sustainability. However, as sustainability applies to everybody, it is our belief that the size of the company should never be an excuse to practice sustainable and responsible business. We are convinced that continuously “doing something” is better than “doing nothing”.

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