Brenton - Sereca Rock

Kenny - Navajo

Vienna M - Covert Green

Simon - Black

Harold - Camel

Enzo - Yellow Stripe

Eddie SS - Black / Beige

Simon Trousers - Covert Green

River Dark Blue - Dark Blue

Kenny - Blue Stripe

The Staff Cap - Denim

Poul Tencel - Olivine


Margot - Dark Sapphire

Melody - Black

Amanda - Black

Firenze W - Black

Leighton - Seneca Rock

Remington - Covert Green

Rose Blue - Blue

Charlotte - Dark Sapphire

Aurelia - Dark Sapphire

Hope Light Blue - Light Blue

The Staff Tee W - White

The Staff Cap - Black & White


The Barcelona boots will be available in two new colorways for the SS23 collection. Continuing the partnership with legendary boot manufacturer Sendra, the Barcelona boots are now made in a soft “Crème” color alongside a vintage “Black Brown” color for SS23, alongside the signature “Black” color. Both “Crème” and “Black Brown” options come with distressed details for a “worn-out” look and a contrasting leather sole.

Barcelona is a unisex, square-toed, mid-high, western-inspired boot produced in 100% leather. Its chunky GOODYEAR sole system makes the boots comfortable for everyday wear and easily suitable for every styling option.

The boots are rooted in our denim universe and combine with our fashion aesthetic, making these boots a perfect fit for every occasion. The boots offer a versatile look and feel for everyone.

The Barcelona boots are produced in partnership with Sendra. In close collaboration with Sendra, we have been working and developing this unique silhouette to accommodate our vision from a design perspective. With over a hundred years in the business, Sendra has played a crucial part in making this vision come to life. Today, Sendra is an industry leader in manufacturing and producing leather boots. The company has won recognition worldwide through Sendra’s strong sense of quality and the creation of long-lasting products.


At Won Hundred, we take a proactive stance in bettering our industry and reducing our environmental impact. The key to ethical and responsible business practices is reducing our carbon footprint and improving the conditions for the people and animals involved. It is essential for us that our suppliers wish to partake in our journey - only this way can we achieve long-term success and trust.
We know that the fashion and textile industry holds many challenges regarding ethics and sustainability. However, as sustainability applies to everybody, the company's size should never be an excuse to practice sustainable and responsible business. We are convinced that continuously "doing something" is better than "doing nothing".