Established 2004

Since the beginning, Won Hundred has proudly marched to the beat of their own drum. To lead the way and continuously reinvent our boundaries, has shaped the core of our identity over time. This is embodied in the continuous use of denim and leather, where we always try to move the confines of our Scandinavian and minimalist approach. That being said, our collections range from daring pieces with raw attitude, to versatile quality staples that fit into everyone’s wardrobe. It is the founder and creative director Nikolaj Nielsen’s vision to create a brand that never loses its relevance, whether the occasion is work or leisure.

Today we offer ready-to-wear collections for men, women and unisex. You will find the largest selection of Won Hundred on this site.


We are aware of the fact that the fashion and textile industry, holds many challenges in terms of ethics and corporate social responsibility (CSR). It is our belief that the size of the company should never be an excuse in practicing responsible and ethical business. Therefore we participate actively in various areas, such as the pollution level and working environment for the employees at our suppliers, as well as animal welfare and the propagating gender equality.

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Green Cross Label

Our latest initiative is our 'Green Cross' label which indicates that the garment is made out of organic material. It is our mission that the label over time, will pursue and represent further sustainable initiatives, that all contribute to a more responsible and ethical approach to business.

If you have any questions regarding our business ethics, please do not hesitate to contact customercare@wonhundred.com