Love Is Not A Crime, Part 3

Love Is Not A Crime, Part 3

Fundamental Human Rights remain absent among a lot of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Intersex (LGBTI) people around the globe. To raise awareness about the dystopian reality many faces we have once again joined forces with Amnesty International (Denmark) and Scoop Models for the third part of “Love Is Not A Crime”.

Unfortunately, not much has changed since our last campaign and the list of countries who persecute and participate in hostile behaviour towards LGBTI groups still counts 78 countries - including Chechnya, Uganda, Sudan, Iran, and Saudi Arabia. Being homosexual in these regions, and engaging in a same-sex relationship can result in fines and/or even imprisonment - in the most ruthless part of the world, intercourse with the same gender can even lead to the death penalty.

In recent year people all over the world have started to stand up to what they believe is right. The powerful and noble cause of Activism is the inspiration for this years charity t-shirt and campaign. Not only do we believe in diversity but it is also part of Won Hundred’s DNA, something that is captured and portrayed beautifully by London-based photographer Gren Lin Jiale. The film at the bottom of the post is shot and edited by Peter Vintergaard. All models are part of Scoop Model's Street Cast team and include; Brian Kamara, Vincent Beier, Clara Thorndahl, Fryd Resting, Louie Frandsen, William Valente, Ellen Ryberg & Shami.

Two charity unisex t-shirts are now available online and in-store. As always profit is kindly donated to Amnesty International.


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