Won Hundred is a Copenhagen-based fashion brand founded in 2004 by Nikolaj Nielsen. With roots in denim and strong craftsmanship and an emphasis on producing high quality garments the brand creates ready-to-wear fashion collections and denim assortments for female and male consumers. 

Through long-lasting partnerships and support of it’s manufacturers, Won Hundred is determined to ensure that all products are compliant with quality testing and that fabrics and garments are sourced in the most responsible way possible. The entire denim production is produced with trusted partners in Italy, sourced using only organic cotton and washed by some of the best laundries in the industry. 

Won Hundred’s ready-to-wear collections offers versatile, upscaled and fashion driven styles at an affordable price point for both female and male consumers. The design vision is to create long lasting garments and products, with attention to design and wearability and the goal is creating wearable pieces regardless of age or sex. 

We are aware of the fact, that the fashion and textile industry faces many challenges in terms of ethics and corporate social responsibility (CSR). It is our belief, that the size of the company should never be an excuse for not practicing responsible and ethical business. Our latest initiative is our 'Green Cross' label which indicates that the garment is made from organic material. It is our mission that the label will pursue and represent further sustainable initiatives over time, that all contribute to a more responsible and ethical approach to business.

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If you have any questions regarding our business ethics, please do not hesitate to contact customercare@wonhundred.com