"A holiday at Bornholm" - A Fashion Clothing Line Inspired by the Island of Sunshine.

Introducing the Bornholm Collection, a new fashion clothing line inspired by the small Danish island known as The Island of Sunshine. The collection is a tribute to Bornholm's unique, beautiful, and raw nature, with its cliffs, rocks, and purest sand beaches.

The Bornholm Collection is all about embracing the raw and beautiful elements of the island and bringing them to life in the form of clothing. The collection uses natural and textured fibers, providing comfortable and effortless wear. In addition, the collection's color scheme is inspired by the island's stunning scenery, with natural colors and a soft yellow pastel that embodies the warmth of the sunshine.

The Bornholm Collection is designed for those who appreciate easy, natural, and timeless fashion with small surprises. The pieces are versatile and perfect for any occasion, whether it's a day at the beach or a night out in town. So, come and experience the unique beautyof Bornholm through the Bornholm Collection. Let's celebrate the Island of Sunshine andits stunning scenery in style.

The Won Hundred Spring / Summer 23 collection is available now.