samples, dead stock, gender

8.0 Reducing samples
We have relooked, at our numbers of samples on the different stages of our production cycle. We have taken an active choice to reduce the number of samples by 14 % from 2020 to 2021. We have done this by reducing the number of samples per style. All our samples are resource heavy since they are shipped by plane. Therefore, this is important for us in Won Hundred, and we are striving to maintain to produce less samples in the future.

9.0 Dead Stock
Every year, tons and tons of fabric are being discarded, and never used. We, at Won Hundred, want to diminish the waste by making some of our styles using these “Dead stock” fabrics. Right now, we already have our Won Hundred – Division collab made on dead stock from exclusive Italian deadstock fabric and our Dead stock tote bags. We are also looking to expand this production to a whole collection in the future.  

10.0 Gender Equality
For three consecutive years, we have collaborated with Amnesty International (Denmark) to raise awareness on the severe reality, many LGBT+ face in certain parts of the world. We believe that everyone is born equal, and no one deserves to be threatened, harassed or persecuted for their identity. We will continue to raise awareness and make our contribution in securing gender equality. We feel that our platform as brand is an important tool in creating a connection between our products, values and our consumers. We strive constantly for pushing representation in our daily work and not only through our visual communication through social media, campaigns and other activities. Our workplace is open a space for all, and we strongly encourage people of colour, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and non-binary people, veterans, parents, and individuals with disabilities to apply for jobs via our career center. This is not calculated efforts, however it is rooted in our business as we simply believe that by producing democratic products, entitles us to include everyone.