Responsibility Section #1

At Won Hundred, we take a proactive stance in bettering the fashion industry and reducing our environmental impact. We believe the key to ethical and responsible business practices is not only reducing our carbon footprint but also improving the conditions for the people and animals involved.

We are gradually increasing our social and environmental involvement in the textile industry. Our latest initiative is an expansion of our Green Cross label, which today includes the responsible fabrics.

It is also important for us that our suppliers wish to partake in our journey to more responsible actions - Only this way can we achieve long-term success and trust.

Furthermore, we endeavor in areas such as securing the working conditions and the respect of human rights for our labor force, increasing gender equality, improving animal welfare, bettering our packaging, more environmental labels and introducing responsible shipping. 

We are aware of the fact, that the fashion and textile industry holds many challenges in terms of ethics and sustainability. However, as sustainability applies to everybody, it is our belief that the size of the company should never be an excuse to practice sustainable and responsible business. We are convinced that continuously “doing something” is better than “doing nothing”.

At Won Hundred we will keep evolving our responsible ambitions and set new goals every year towards a more sustainable world. Our main goals for 2023 is to… 

  • Update all existing packaging in order to meet our responsibility requirements,
  • 95% of all produced denim styles are made of sustainable fabrics,
  • 50% of all denim styles produced are washed with O-zone “greenwash” – the most sustainable denim washing method possible,
  • 75% of all goods produced will be marked with our Green Cross Label, meaning that minimum 50% of the style is produced using sustainable or recycled fabrics.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our business ethics, please do not hesitate to contact