The Pre-Fall 23 Collection is called "Fungi Forest," inspired by the fungi mycelium, the world's oldest organis

Mycelium is everywhere; it branches like a network in the soil and is especially concentrated in forest soil.

The highest density is in the Amazon Forrest. One single mycelium has more networks than our brain has nerve pathways and works in the same way with electrical impulses. It is a hidden world of networks that essentially keep the whole ecosystem intact. With this as the starting point, the Pre-Fall 23 collection is in the Amazon jungle. The colors are inspired by the forest, and blue and green colors dominate the collection, accompanied by a pop of orange.

Elements of quilted outerwear drive the collection, denim bonded leather, workwear details, and small reflective details. The materials are chosen for contrast; matte or shiny, heavy or ultra-light, used in between-season styles for the perfect pre-fall feeling. The collection is a denim drop representing the core of Won Hundred. The focus is on the denim and items you can't live without that stands out and read Won Hundred.

The Won Hundred Pre Fall 23 collection is now available.