Introducing the Autumn / Winter '23 collection: Mycelium.

Dive into fungi with our latest Autumn/Winter 23 collection, "Mycelium." Inspired by the ancient mushroom mycelium, this lineup celebrates its intelligence and hidden beauty.Our prints mirror mycelium's intricate network, infused with earthy and neutral tones.With oversized and slim-fit silhouettes straight from the 90s, our collection exudes a range of timeless items.

Elements of quilted outerwear drive the collection, denim bonded leather, workwear details, and small reflective details. The materials are chosen for contrast; matte or shiny, heavy or ultra-light, used in between-season styles for the perfect pre-fall feeling. The collection is a denim drop representing the core of Won Hundred. The focus is on the denim and items you can't live without that stands out and read Won Hundred.

The Won Hundred Fall / Winter 2023 collection is now available.