1.2. EcoVero Viscose
At Won Hundred, we use a new generation of sustainable viscose fibers, standardized and branded under the name EcoVero. The EcoVero fibers are derived from certified renewable wood pulp, harvested from controlled sources. The processing of the wood pulp happens in a closed loop system, where more than 99% of the chemicals are recovered and reused for the next cycle.
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1.3. Tencel
Tencel consists of branded lyocell fibers produced through standardized environmentally responsible processes. An eco-friendly fabric, made from natural cellulose fibers found in wood pulp derived from natural forests sources and sustainably managed plantations. Tencel has gained popularity in the recent years, due to its unique physical properties: great strength, efficient moisture absorption, and gentleness to the skin - properties that make the fabric popular in blend mixtures. Finally, the fibers are biodegradable and compostable and can fully revert to nature.
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