production, shipping, packaging, labeling

5.0. Shipping
Wherever it is possible we always aim for the most sustainable freight option. In most cases, this means replacing air transport with sea or railway cargo, for a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. We also keep most of our production in Europe, therefore we can provide with less travel time and shorter distance traveling with production and samples. This saves time, reduces our carbon footprint, and keeps labor in Europe. When our production comes from China, we use the most environmental shipping solution/option, which is train.

6.0 Packaging
We are in the process of improving our packaging practices. For future in recycled poly and paper bags and care labels made of recycled polyester. By end of 2022, we will have identified the next necessary steps towards are more responsible packaging of our products – with the ambition of reaching our goal during 2023.

7.0 Labeling
Won Hundred strives to make a difference in the smallest parts of our production. Therefore, we have been cooperating with We Nordic, since our Pre-Spring 22 collection.  We Nordic designs and provides hangtags, labels and care labels using certified sustainable materials. 
Won Hundred labels are made of OEKO TEX 100 recycled polyester while all hangtags are made using recycled FSC certified paper. Won Hundred beliefs that every little improvement, that has a positive effect on our environment, contributes towards becoming a more responsible business.

We use plastic polybags to protect our products, from being damaged during transport and shipping. The polybags are also protecting our denim products in order to preserve the distinct washing effect and delicate hand feel.