Ozone wash denim

3.0 Supply chain
We are determined to source responsibly when it comes to our manufacturers. Therefore, we believe that keeping a long-term relationship with our manufacturers is the key to our clothes quality in Won Hundred. This bond gives us the tools to monitor which of our manufacturers produce the best quality for us and their commitment to working conditions.
Due to covid-19 and the evaluation of the necessity of traveling to our manufactures, we have agreed to diminish our visits to our manufactures to as few as possible. This is because we travel by plane to our manufactures and that leaves a heavy carbon footprint that we want to diminish.

4.0 Production in Europe
Most of our production is located in Europe, and that is a conscious decision. We want to keep the labor in Europe, and therefore we have looked specifically after manufacturers in Europe to make our clothes. This saves time for production and samples for shipping[1] and reduces our carbon footprint on shipping[2] and keeps labor in Europe which we think is a responsibility for us at Won Hundred.

In 2020, 13 of our 19 manufactures were located in Europe, which is 68 % of our manufacturers. In 2021, We have 10 of our 13 manufacturers located in Europe, which increases our total number of manufacturers in Europe to 77 %. Quantity-wise our production in Europe was 88 % of our total production in 2020. This has been increased in 2021 to 90 % of production. We are very happy about these numbers and want to maintain a strong foundation of manufacturers in Europe.