DENIM start

At Won Hundred, we are aware that denim production demands an immense amount of water. We are also aware, that we must take actions when it comes to reducing our carbon and environmental footprint. As a result thereof, we are incorporating our Green Cross standards into all denim production, and on top of that, we have started using Ozone washing in the dying and bleach process of our denim.

In 2020 our Green Cross certificate was 58 % of our total denim production. Since then, we have reconsidered our approach and taken the necessary actions to increase the level of green cross labelled denim styles in our future collections. From 2021, up to 94 % of our total denim production will be Green Cross labelled[*].
This is a massive step from the previous year, that we have worked hard to achieve, and we are very happy with the results. We can’t promise that we will keep such a big margin of our green cross production to that level as of 2021, but we strive to do our best to maintain this high level.

[*] These numbers have been taken from the period 1/1/2021 to 21/11/2021, Therefore these numbers can vary a bit in the end of the year, but this would still not decrease or increase significantly, since we had already produced most of our denim production by this point in 2021.

On top of sourcing responsible fabrics in our denim production, Won Hundred has now taken precautions when it comes to the dying process of our denim.

We have started to incorporate Ozone Wash to our denim range.

Ozone wash is done by using a very strong oxidizing agent, which is being used to bleach the denim garment in a closed, batch like operation. By using Ozone instead of a regular washing process – Won Hundred is significantly decreasing the usage of water in washing process of the denim.

When using Ozone, not only for washing but also in the bleaching process - fewer chemicals are used, and the process is faster than regular sodium hypochlorite bleaching.  

Ozone washed styles currently accounts for 28 % of our total 5-pocket denim production[1]. We do know that this amount is very small amount, but our aim is to increase this level in the future.

Read more about ozone wash

[1] The results have been taken from sold 5-pockets quantity wise from Pre-fall22 and Spring-summer22.