Love Is Not A Crime, Part 2

Love Is Not A Crime, Part 2

Amnesty International (Denmark), Scoop Models and Won Hundred have come together, for the second consecutive year. A continuous effort to raise awareness on the inhumane and severe reality, many LGBTI persons face in certain parts of the world.

In eight countries (including Iran, Sudan, and Saudi Arabia), the death penalty is a very real consequence, for having intercourse with the same gender. In 2018 a total of 78 countries being homosexual meaning the prospects of imprisonment and fines. Not to speak about the actual horrors going on in prisons.

Regions like Chechnya and Uganda are notorious for their systematic persecution of LGBTI people. Even in Europe, there are still problems. Lithuania has a law prohibiting so-called "gay propaganda targeted children" arguing it is "an attack on traditional family values". The act is used to prevent LGBTI organizations from performing any awareness raising.

Once again we have made a charity unisex t-shirt. The back of the t-shirt stresses out regions that are currently abusing human rights, and persecute people associated with the LGBTI community. The t-shirt is now exclusively available online and in our own stores. Profit is kindly donated to Amnesty International.


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