100 DOT™ denim stools – A collab with Fritz Hansen

100 DOT™ denim stools – A collab with Fritz Hansen

We have proudly come together with Danish design and furniture powerhouse; Fritz Hansen for a limited edition of the iconic DOT™ stool - originally designed by Arne Jacobsen in 1954. Upholstered in premium quality denim the stool pays homage to Danish design and the underlying functionality it represents.

Denim originates from workwear and is widely cherished for its resilience, while also being loved for its versatility in regards to modern style. The beauty of denim is how profoundly appreciated and accessible it is among the general population. We wanted to embrace the same feeling of inclusiveness with a collab catering to everyone’s denim fascination - and at an affordable level. The more we explored the concept with the DOT™ stool as a focal point, the more convinced we became of it as a perfect match. The result came to be a unique DOT™ stool upholstered in Italian sourced denim and manufactured in a symbolic quantity of 100.

The collaboration with Fritz Hansen came to exist organically. We are linked by a passion for design and function. For our founder and Creative Director, Nikolaj Nielsen the stool stands as an open invitation and everyone is welcome. He uses the original leather DOT™ for family gatherings at his home in Frederiksberg and for him, the stools captivate a social setting.

“The idea of seeing the DOT™ in denim is fun because the textile is such an iconic and well-known material, placed on a true Fritz Hansen classic. Yet the look and combination are surprising and modern.”
      - Christian Andresen, Head of Design with Fritz Hansen.

Join us for drinks and celebration!
Thursday, October 10, 2019
17:00 - 20:00
Refreshments will be served

Fritz Hansen Flagship Store
Valkendorfsgade 4
1151 Copenhagen K

The 100 limited edition DOT™ stools will be available online and in store from October 10, 2019. Each stool features our logo and a hand-painted unique number underneath the seat. The retail price is 1599 DKK.

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